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Opening on solidarity with Ukraine and the topics of the EU MRS Week *

Young innovators as drivers of macro-regional development *

From global to local: How EU macro-regional strategies mobilize people, institutions and funds for the implementation of the European Green Deal *

Social change – how the EU macro-regional strategies can influence the social reality *

Keynote speech by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira *

The 18 stakeholder sessions held on Zoom *

14th High-Level Group Meeting *


How do you assess the achievement of each of the following key objectives during the 3rd EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week?

a) Engage, Empower, Evolve among the four Macro-Regional Strategies *

b) Engage, Empower and Evolve the MRS stakeholders to take the lead on MRS issues *

c) Interaction between MRS stakeholders and EU Institutions' Representatives *

d) Discussions on cross-cutting issues, such as Youth, EU Green Deal and Social change *


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Call for stakeholder sessions


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