Video Recordings - Stakeholder sessions

Sustainable mobility solutions in the Alpine Region – what we can learn from youth engagement

Spatial strategies supporting green and just transition in European macro-regions

Youth guidance centres - supporting vulnerable groups of young adults to enter the labour market

Reducing inequalities on MRS through social infrastructure and innovation

Transformative action for climate resilient and adaptive regions

The citizens’ Shadow Report – an alternative positive voice

Cities’ engaging with young people and implementation of EUSBSR

Challenges and opportunities for the Carpathian region in the context of the EU Green Deal

Fostering the renovation wave in the Danube and Adriatic-Ionian macro-regions

Maritime digitalisation - helping the transport chain to become greener, safer and more efficient

Smart villages: smart solutions for innovative rural communities in macro-regions

EUSALP financial dialogue networks workshop: taking the embedding process one step further

Fit for synchronizing RDI funding programmes: hands-on experiences from Innovation Express 2021 and ARDIA-Net

S3 interregional cooperation on sustainable blue economy: cross fertilisation among macro-regional and sea basin strategies

Promoting green transition and sustainable growth through cross-macro-regional smart specialisation

How to promote resilience and digitalisation of bio-based value chains – the Danube alliance approach

Environmental success of youth in the European macro regions - what can we learn from them?

Women in innovation – promoting a gender equal EU Green Deal